Clawing my way back among the living…

No thanks to “The Big Nasty Cold*” which struck and knocked me down with the intensity of a speeding FedEx truck on the morning after Christmas, followed up several days later by the onset of a full-blown case of bronchitis, I’ve been out of commission for the last several weeks, lacking the energy to lug my music gear out to play.  An annoying cough lingers, and I’m told by others it will most likely hang on for another few weeks, but on January 18th, I finally felt good enough to get out, if even just to listen.  Coincidentally, Jan. 18 was the monthly open mic night at Café Colonial, so that served as the perfect occasion to get back out and provide evidence that I wasn’t dead just yet…

Before going any further, it’s worth mentioning that our Café Colonial friend Alex — Tony’s sidekick — IS now back from an extended visit to China.  We asked that Tony please pass on the word to Alex to get his sh*t together and don’t miss the February 15 open mic at Café Colonial.  Enough is enough.  Alex, yes, we do notice when you don’t make it.

So on January 18 Kimberley and I weren’t able to arrive until about an hour into the open mic session, and we unfortunately missed the first several people on the lineup.  But I did capture a few photos of the others and it was so enjoyable just to be back with our open mic community and unwinding with other Café Colonial regulars.

As always, thanks for the hospitality, Matt.


*Although to lay people the flu normally adds an element of nausea and vomiting, Kaiser docs have been advising their patients that having a fever and general body aches constitutes the flu.  I did not have nausea but did have fever and body aches, so while I thought of it as a severe cold, Kaiser regarded my illness as the flu.  Whatever it was, I felt for awhile like I had one foot in the grave; it was ugly.  And it didn’t help that I quit eating for several days and drank very little water or other liquids, adding dehydration to the mix.  All I can say is, if you experience any of these things this year, consult your doctor earlier rather than later.


[Note:  using the “Show slideshow” option for viewing the photos does not display photo captions.  To view captions at the bottom of each photo click instead on the first photo, then click on the arrow near the right margin of the photo to advance to the next one.]

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Kurt Michaels

Kurt Michaels [email:] is a resident of downtown Sacramento and enjoys spending most Tuesday nights hanging with the regulars at Kupro's open mic music scene, co-hosted by Marty Taters and Lare Crawley.

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