With summer 2019 now in the rearview mirror and Halloween only two days ahead, the Kupros regulars met on Tuesday, October 29 to enjoy the last open mic session before clocks would be set back an hour to mark the fall Daylight Savings time change.  

We’d heard in advance that Paddy (of the Kai & Paddy duo) was going to be in full Freddy Mercury costume to compliment Kai & Paddy’s Queen tribute set this night, which was joined by Ground Chuck on the cajón. It seemed like a good opportunity to take a few photos and music clips from their covers of “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”.  This was not just a simple cover, but a performance tribute. Nice work, guys!

Following closely behind the Queen set was another of Kupros Open Mic favorites, Kevin G., who played a cover of Young MC’s “Bust A Move” from 1989.  This has recently become my current favorite among the songs in Kevin’s playlist.  Just too cool…

You never know who is going to show up to play at Kupros, but it’s already clear that as the temperature drops with each new day approaching the start of winter, the Tuesday night open mics are a great way for Kupros regulars, musicians and others alike, to get their weekly music fix.

Paddy Rocks You!
Paddy, Ground Chuck & Kai
Paddy threw in a costume change…
Showing off a Freddy Mercury move…
Kai & Paddy’s Queen cover – “We Will Rock You” (excerpt)
Kai & Paddy’s Queen cover – “We Are The Champions” (excerpt)
Kevin G. hittin’ it…
Kevin G.’s Young MC cover of “Bust A Move” (excerpt)
Kurt Michaels
Kurt Michaels

Kurt Michaels has lived in the Sacramento region for most of his adult life and these days is semi-retired from the band grind. His greatest regular weekly enjoyment is hanging out with his Tuesday Open Mic musician friends at Kupro’s Craft House on 21st St. in Midtown.