The Last Open Mic: Our Community Bids Farewell to the Café Colonial

Thursday, November 15 was a sad day for the regulars who have faithfully anticipated the Café Colonial’s Third Thursday open mic each month, one hosted by our favorite host, Marty Taters.  This was the last waltz for owner/manager Matt Marrujo and the Colonial, as described in a September 13 post on the venue’s Facebook: 

I am sad to announce that Cafe Colonial and The Colony will be closing. After 6 years of the Colony and 5 Years of Café Colonial, I am no longer able to sustain keeping these venues running.

This was not an easy choice to make, this place is my home and the people here are my family. With constant change and lack of funds it has been almost impossible to make the kind of money we need to keep going. Benefit shows and patron support have helped us up to this point, but it is still not enough.

We will not be cancelling any shows between now and the time we close, which will be November 17. Nor will we be booking any new shows either. I felt that all the shows that are currently booked should still happen but to cut cost so we could stay open to that time we had to stop booking new shows.

I want to thank everyone that has ever been involved, Promoter, Bands and members, show goers, and gamers. You guys made it all possible for us to stay open this long and I am truly greatful for all of you. Together we created a place for everyone to perform and show their talents.

I know a lot of people will probably be thinking that I should sell, but there is nothing to sell. The closing date goes hand in hand with expiring permits. And I wish to keep the brand intact.

I’m not sure what the future will bring, but I know that there are people out there that will step up and open the next great diy spot. And as long as there is live music happening there will be venues to fill that gap. Even if it happens in someone’s living room. The music scene will shine on.

I love all of you.

Thank You Sacramento

So on November 15, for the final open mic of this venue that was so special to so many, we came, we played, we commiserated together, and we sang our praises of Matt and this venerated Stockton Boulevard gathering spot for musicians and music-lovers.  On Third Thursdays, the Colonial has long enjoyed a mix of both open mic musicians and young members of the local Mohawk, leather and studs crowd, all of whom blended together like peas and carrots.  Our faithful open mic musicians came each month like so many others go to church.  Actually, it was a sort of church for musicians.  People walked in seeking redemption, and they walked out feeling good enough to make it through another month.

Matt will be taking some time off for awhile, and will be traveling to Washington where he has some work waiting for him.  But he does expect that sooner or later he’ll be back.  The next chapter of his life has yet to reveal itself, but we wish him the best in whatever venture he takes on next.  Matt — you have given us some unforgettable memories of one of the best of Sacramento’s open mic venues.  You have our sincerest thanks for that.

Here are some photos from our last night at the Café Colonial:

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Kurt Michaels

Kurt Michaels [email:] is a resident of downtown Sacramento and enjoys spending most Tuesday nights hanging with the regulars at Kupro's open mic music scene, co-hosted by Marty Taters and Lare Crawley.

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