“Laugh, Laugh” reprise hits the bullseye at Kupros

On Oct. 24, songbird Karen Sanders and Kai Kanae (of the Kai & Paddy duet) surprised former Beau Brummel front man and now Sacramento resident Sal Valentino with their readiness to play his 1964 nationwide hit “Laugh, Laugh”, exactly per the original music charts.  Sal graciously agreed to sing it once again, and it the result was pure gold.  Thanks for the vocals, Sal, thanks for the perfect backup harmony, Karen, and thanks for the keyboard accompaniment, Kai.  That song is timeless, and only seems to get better with each passing year.


A few others’ performances were captured in still images below…

Kurt Michaels

Kurt Michaels [email: kurtmichaelskeys@att.net] is a resident of downtown Sacramento and enjoys spending most Tuesday nights hanging with the regulars at Kupro's open mic music scene, co-hosted by Marty Taters and Lare Crawley.

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